The first screenshot I have saved. "How do you bring up the debug?" YOU ASSUME WRONG. [Mar 12 2011]

An early version of my first tower project. [Mar 13 2011]

Luke keeping it safe by having a lavafall in his basement. [Mar 14 2011]

From the safety of my tower, I watch Luke get chased by two spiders and a creeper. :D [Mar 14 2011]

Close-up of previous. [Mar 14 2011]

First rainfall at my tower. [Apr 24 2011]

A view of the tower and Hillside base from Sandy Isle. [Apr 24 2011]

Looking towards my tower from Corner Cliff. [Apr 24 2011]

It's starting to look a bit less summery near Andre's Summer Villa. [Apr 24 2011]

Santino bitch-slapping a spider while building his lighthouse. [Apr 26 2011]

LOLOLOLOL [Apr 26 2011]

Santino enjoying his recently finished house as it rains. [Apr 27 2011]

Looking towards Luke's base, his skyfarm, and a mysterious visitor from my tower. [Apr 27 2011]

Surveying my domain from the top of the tower. Sandy Isle, Corner Cliff, Ice Harbor, and the Skyfarm are all visible. [Apr 27 2011]

Me enjoying the light coming through Luke's glass pyramid skylight. [Apr 27 2011]

Luke enjoying luring dozens of creepers to Santino's newly completed house. A minute later he let one inside. [Apr 27 2011]

There's apparently a lot of lava under my base. [Apr 28 2011]

A bunch of cave mushrooms growing around some gold. [Apr 29 2011]

Luke's a weirdo. (Fullsize) [Apr 29 2011]

A cross-section of Crosscliffe and some of my tunnels, plus a nice view of the side of the Tower. [Apr 29 2011]

How much for that squid out the window? [Apr 19 2011]

Music disc explosion! [Apr 30 2011]

Underwater base glowing in the distance. :) [May 13 2011]

One of Yggdrasil's walkways peeking through a world-hole. [May 13 2011]

The original Yggdrasil twinkling in the distance. [May 13 2011]

Close-up of previous. [May 13 2011]

Spending a rainy day inside my tower. [May 13 2011]

Spending a rainy day inside my tower. (2) [May 13 2011]

Spending a rainy day inside my tower. (3) [May 13 2011]

It was raining for like three days, so I started planting trees on the side of the tower randomly. [May 13 2011]

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