I wonder who placed that sign at the door to Luke's room, you know that one right next to where Santino is standing. It is a mystery! [May 3 2011]

An awesome view of the Valley of Floating Islands. :) [May 3 2011]

Hey look, a totally normal pumpkin. I suspect nothing. [May 4 2011]

The safest bedroom ever. (Screenshot courtesy of Luke.) [May ? 2011]

Discovery of 'Huge Overhang'. It really is a rather large overhang. [May 5 2011]

Weird world generation patterns. [May 5 2011]

A cool place! And my friend doesn't live there. [May 5 2011]

Flying islands etc. [May 5 2011]

Ugh, stupid boring awesome overhangs. GETTING OLD! [May 5 2011]

The corner bridge and forest near Higharch Tower. [May 7 2011]

The last thing you see before you die. [May 8 2011]

Luke's a pedo. [May 14 2011]


Welcome to Place! Home of the thing! [May 14 2011]

There really are natural pink sheep, I guess. [May 14 2011]

A relaxing night in the greenhouse, cutting down trees while spiders crawl all over the moon. [May 16 2011]

The rare Gravel Lake Failsquid. [May 19 2011]

Silly squid. Doors are for humans. You weren't invited to Ed's Underwater Lair. [May 22 2011]

Luke looks over at a friendly island. [May 22 2011]

Moonchamber at Hickory Heights. [May 22 2011]

Remember the bug where squid all sunk to the bottom of the ocean? [May 22 2011]

This island dubbed Lucas Island by Pat. [May 22 2011]

Okay, I think we have enough dogs. [May 23 2011]

Fucking Strait, the bane of my shoreline mapping expedition. [May 23 2011]

This lake <3s you. [May 24 2011]

In the midst of lake reconstruction after mining out Gravel Lake. [May 24 2011]

An overhead view of the finally repaired Gravel Lake. :) [May 24 2011]

Oh, hey. Cool places. [May 25 2011]

The totally impressive, not at all anticlimactic end of my journey to the mysterious 'Huge Waterfall'. [May 25 2011]

Who let the dogs out? (I'm so sorry.) [May 25 2011]

And then Santino went to hell. [May 28 2011]

Luke: Hey Pat, I have something to show you!
Pat: Oh yeah, what is it? [Jun 2 2011]

Oh. [Jun 2 2011]

Only the safest of bridges are good enough for Themyscira. [Jun 2 2011]

Even the sky hates me, now. :( [Jun 2 2011]

Looking up through the glass ceiling at Hickory Hole you can see Santino's apartment, the greenhouse, and... [Jun 2 2011]

...Luke attempting to murder Hickory Hole itself. [Jun 2 2011]

Speaking of an apocalypse of flaming arrows, here's a peaceful nighttime scene on a bridge. [Jun 3 2011]

Beginning the colonization of Huge Overhang. [Jun 12 2011]

The grass never lies. [Jun 12 2011]

Luke's patent-pending Santino Trap. [Jun 12 2011]

Playing with explosives, fun for the whole family! Also note the Lava Bowl in the background. [June 12 2011]

Something about Square Mountain doesn't seem quite natural. [Jun 19 2011]

Long road from Hickory Heights over to Minnesota Rock. [Jun 19 2011]

Welcome to the Cliff City! [Jun 22 2011]

I think there's a Luke under my staircase. [Jun 22 2011]

Huge Overhang looming in the distance. [Jun 26 2011]

LIGHTNING BAD. [Jun 26 2011]

A view of the underside of Huge Overhang. [Jun 26 2011]

I'm pretty sure this is what bricks normally look like. Also, 'Ed's Room, Bitches!' [Jun 30 2011]

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