Welcome to Joe's new Realm! I climbed the first hill I could reach from the spawn. Hills, plains, forests... [Oct 12 2014]

... and the other direction: desert, savanna, flower forest, and even a roofed forest! [Oct 12 2014]

Achievement spam and punching wood. [Oct 12 2014]

Luring sheep away from Joe's farm. [Oct 12 2014]

Whoa. That is a tall mountain and waterfall. And right next to a village! [Oct 12 2014]

I go into full mountain climber mode. Haven't built a shelter yet... [Oct 12 2014]

I consider building on the mountaintop. Maybe I'll finish it someday... [Oct 15 2014]

I decide to settle in at my hole-in-the-wall shelter. Farms! [Oct 17 2014]

Expanding into a real house. Looks great so far. [Oct 17 2014]

... actually, the storeroom DOES look pretty cool. [Oct 17 2014]

Really like the design I came up with here. [Oct 17 2014]

Detail on one of the alcoves. [Oct 17 2014]

This is not the correct way to harvest a cow farm. [Oct 17 2014]

Jen's house is... blue! [Oct 19 2014]

Joe shows off his security system. Robert's place in the distance. [Oct 20 2014]

I add a third floor! It looks... kinda weird. [Oct 27 2014]

I pooped a little. [Nov 9 2014]

Keeping the traditional naming scheme passed down from Luke. [Nov 9 2014]

Mapping some ice spikes. [Nov 9 2014]

Terry starts his house under the cliff. [Nov 15 2014]

Early tunneling work on a railway. [Nov 15 2014]

It's rather long. [Nov 15 2014]

It's not even half done and I've got On a Rail... [Nov 15 2014]

View of my house from the railway. [Nov 15 2014]

Adding nice decorative support pillars. [Nov 16 2014]

Joe builds an auto-farm. [Nov 16 2014]

Taking the railway past the huge mountain. [Nov 16 2014]

I decide that I can't take it anymore. Also I want rare blocks and am the only one on the server who hasn't died yet. [Nov 16 2014]

To the End! [Nov 16 2014]

I harvest up some ender stone and drop it in an ender chest, then go out to meet my doom. [Nov 16 2014]

Dying the badass way. [Nov 16 2014]

Speaking of dying like a badass, Luke visited and fell off my mountain. [Nov 23 2014]

The XP farm is happy to see you. [Nov 23 2014]

Luke, that's now how you house. [Nov 23 2014]

Completed my first train station! [Nov 28 2014]

I find a thoughtful (and loud) gift underneath my floor. [Dec 2 2014]

Support pillars for my railway crossing the ocean. [Dec 7 2014]

Checking out Kaolin's automatic tree farm that I don't really understand. [Dec 7 2014]

World mapping. Because I'm Pat. [Dec 9 2014]

Cape for a day. Thanks? Also the ultra-zoomed maps. [Dec 11 2014]

Near completion of the rail line. The station at Southern Shelf. [Dec 17 2014]

:) Christmas chests make my storeroom look neat. [Dec 24 2014]

Uh... the effect isn't quite the same in Joe's storeroom. Guess they didn't reskin trapped chests... [Dec 24 2014]

At least in Jen's storeroom you have the rainbow walls and lava under the floors to distract you. [Dec 24 2014]

Merry Christmas, Joe. He's back, in pog form. [Dec 25 2014]

A pack of wolves ripping apart a bunch of rabbits. Sailing past on a mapping expedition. [Jan 2 2015]

We beat the dragon! :D [Jan 3 2015]

I find doge! [Jan 4 2015]

Such doge. Very Minecraft. Wow. [Jan 4 2015]

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