I found a mesa! Here's my weird little house there. [Jan 7 2015]

What did we do with the dragon's egg? Oh, Kaolin's just using it as a headboard. (Also, he has a massive storage wall at the top of his giant tower.) [Jan 16 2015]

Music disc farming is dangerous work. :( Taking the subway to Joe's. [Jan 18 2015]

I leave my horse along for less than a minute and come back to THIS. [Jan 18 2015]

Getting some shots I'd missed. The back of Robert's place, complete with marble fountain. [Jan 19 2015]

Kaolin's massive tower thing blotting out the sun. [Jan 19 2015]

The front of Robert's place. [Jan 19 2015]

Ed's weird temple thing that he never finished. [Jan 19 2015]

We're doing the NPC village thing again! The houses look pretty normal so far. [Jan 19 2015]

Don't worry, I'm here to help. [Jan 19 2015]

Giant pixel art Pikachu marking the home of new player Becca. [Jan 22 2015]

what is this i don't even [Jan 25 2015]

SO MANY COLORS [Feb 7 2015]

Starting up my new megaproject! The framework for my giant statue. [Feb 7 2015]

Work has progressed to my shins. [Feb 7 2015]

Up past the knees! Yes, that is a LOT of stone slabs. [Feb 7 2015]

A distant view as I reach the waist and start on a fist. I need to get rid of the hillside 'growth' coming from my crotch eventually... [Feb 8 2015]

In the meantime, Joe builds an automated animal farm! [Feb 8 2015]

Patteroast statue coming along nicely, although I'm starting to grind through massive amounts of granite... [Feb 15 2015]

The small one seems to be lacking the gross crotch-growth. [Feb 15 2015]

Whoa, new guy Steffen has an AWESOME base. [Feb 22 2015]

A very cool storeroom. [Feb 22 2015]

Placing the last block in the statue! [Feb 22 2015]

IT'S COMPLETE! And very cool looking. [Feb 22 2015]

Crotch-growth can cause a slight burning sensation, but that could also be from the flaming arrows. [Feb 22 2015]

Wither battle: commence! [Feb 22 2015]

Joe photobombs a nice picture of his new storeroom. Also, Pikachu can always see you. [Feb 28 2015]

Welcome to the lands of Joe, Shawn! [Mar 1 2015]

Joe's rebuilt house is looking pretty awesome. And watery. [Mar 1 2015]

Clearing space inside the giant statue's head. [Mar 3 2015]

PATFACE [Mar 3 2015]

Mike visits and claims my guest room as his own. Also, I got a minimap to work again! [Mar 7 2015]

Testing out views from the new rail line I'm planning. [Mar 13 2015]

This project is worth is even if only for this view of the statue. [Mar 13 2015]

Nick succumbs to Joecraft and settles a nice little farm. [Mar 14 2015]

Shawn finds a home and expands his territory. [Mar 14 2015]

Nick tells me to stay away while he builds a secret thing. I totally don't peek. [Mar 14 2015]

Why, it appears to be a giant tree thing! Everyone is surprised. [Mar 14 2015]

The route for the new rail line is finalized! THE LOOP BEGINS. [Mar 15 2015]

Nick represents with a leafy banner. [Mar 15 2015]

First station complete on The Loop, giving Nick easy access to the rest of the world. [Mar 15 2015]

Nick takes a break from tree construction to try his hand at some pixel art! [Mar 16 2015]

Support pillars and powered rails being deployed in Terry's lands, under the watch of SKULL MOUNTAIN. [Mar 18 2015]

Rails extend from Hellhorse Station across Jen's farms towards Kaolin's tower. [Mar 18 2015]

The railway extending across the Little Sea from Steffen's place towards Nick. [Mar 18 2015]

Some tall rail viaducts through the savannas near the giant statue. [Mar 18 2015]

Lee has some really cool underwater bases going on! [Mar 18 2015]

A wealthy benefactor makes a big donation to the rail project, enough to bring it to completion! Yay Steffen! [Mar 19 2015]

Nick's pixel art starts to look a bit less friendly. Also, where's he getting all that wool? [Mar 22 2015]

Oh! The latest Yggdrasil has multiple levels of basement sheep. [Mar 22 2015]

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