Double beacons all the way! People have been killing lots of withers. [Mar 22 2015]

Nick's important shears. [Mar 22 2015]

A friendly welcome to the lands of Nick! [Mar 22 2015]

It looks like Shawn is also getting into the sheep business! Also, he's FINALLY working on a house! [Mar 22 2015]

Wow, this might be the coolest Yggdrasil that Nick has ever built! [Mar 23 2015]

Colin joins in on the fun with plans to build cities across the face of the entire world. [Mar 24 2015]

Visiting historical landmarks. [Mar 24 2015]

A nice balcony overlooking the birch forests. [Mar 25 2015]

I wonder what could be through this portal! [Mar 25 2015]

Yay! All biomes found. :) [Mar 25 2015]

While wandering through the Nether I found this iron golem wandering lost along the shores of the lava ocean, quite far from anything. I have no idea how it got there! [Mar 25 2015]

Colin's place starts looking good! [Mar 27 2015]

Trying out the slime farm. [Mar 28 2015]

Oh. So THAT'S out the completely insane gold farm works. [Mar 28 2015]

Slowly working on gathering up my own supply of wither skulls. [Mar 28 2015]

Someone planted a helpful circle of mushrooms around the gold farm. It was probably me. [Mar 28 2015]

Typical view inside the gold farm. SO MUCH XP [Mar 29 2015]

Enjoying Nick's fear. :D [Mar 29 2015]

Having some of my own when I run into a ghast on my way down the gold farm shortcut. [Mar 29 2015]

This is probably nothing, I'm sure. [Mar 31 2015]

Making plans! [Apr 1 2015]

Weird, that road doesn't go anywhere at all. [Apr 2 2015]

A view of Colin's place. [Apr 2 2015]

Okay, the decorations are making it look pretty awesome here. [Apr 2 2015]

... apparently Colin's been busier than I'd thought! [Apr 2 2015]

Even his workshop looks nice. Colin, you're not allowed to make things this nice. [Apr 2 2015]

Nick and I head down to the 'Wither Arena' to finally kill my very own wither! [Apr 3 2015]

We won! I has beacon! [Apr 3 2015]

I don't have enough gold for my own four-layer pyramid, so I borrow Joe's. Beaconator! [Apr 3 2015]

I get my own beacon set up back home. It's very welcoming! [Apr 3 2015]

Starting work on a marketplace where people can trade stuff! [Apr 4 2015]


Justin joins the server and builds a castle on a mountaintop. [Apr 12 2015]

The view from Justin's castle of the terrible village. [Apr 12 2015]

Terry's castle has its eye on you. [Apr 12 2015]

A view of Lee's farms and giant sphere of doom. [Apr 12 2015]

And his castle tower and bridge, all looming over the desert. [Apr 12 2015]

A wild birch box magically appears. [Apr 17 2015]

Joe finds an awesome use for banners at The Slaughterhouse. [Apr 17 2015]

Construction is underway on the Iron Titan! [Apr 19 2015]

Shifty joins the server, but has built a house really far away. I found it! [Apr 23 2015]

She took inspiration from the village she built on, with a smeltery... [Apr 23 2015]

And some nifty houses! [Apr 23 2015]

However, it turns out one of the villagers was a cannibal and ate all the others. [Apr 23 2015]

Also, it's surrounded by dark forest, so creepers were constantly streaming in from the woods... [Apr 23 2015]

John meets some rabbits! [Apr 28 2015]

Shifty makes a new home, somewhat closer. Spooky church place, with many donkeys! [May 2 2015]

No big deal, just throwing away 30 diamond ore. (It was cheathax diamonds.) [May 3 2015]

I completed my own beacon pyramid! :) [May 4 2015]

I build a fancy subway station in my house, and a line over to my statue. [May 4 2015]

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