Hidden brewery beneath Shifty's spooky church. [May 8 2015]

Jen built a hidden railway across the ocean to an island outpost. [May 9 2015]

Jen also got her own beacon! [May 10 2015]

The namesake of Hellhorse Station. [May 10 2015]

Almost done tearing down the ocean monument! [May 10 2015]

A selection of personal banners displayed at the marketplace. [May 13 2015]

Well, that's not supposed to be on fire. [May 15 2015]

Holy shit Joe built an awesome guardian farm! SO MUCH PRISMARINE [May 16 2015]

I use some sponges to dry up rivers to help Jen with her squid farm. [May 17 2015]

Joe helps by playing around with console commands. [May 17 2015]

Excavation for the squid farm. [May 17 2015]

A guest visits newcomer Kale's house. [May 24 2015]

Whoa, that tower at the new witch farm looks pretty cool! What devastatingly sexy man built that? [May 24 2015]

(Yeah, it was me. Credit for the farm all goes to Joe, though!) [May 24 2015]

Joe sends <3s to Jen when she was sick. [May 25 2015]

Robert awakens from some sort of coma and starts building something suspicious above his place. Also, the birch tower of Zoe is growing! [May 29 2015]

The weird village has grown enough to support iron golems. :) [May 29 2015]

Joe adds a slightly terrifying explosion-based upgrade to the Enderman farm. [May 30 2015]

I give in to peer pressure and add a personal portal in my house, decorated with Shifty's awesome portal banners. [May 30 2015]

Speaking of banners... Jen got a new hobby, and leaves some samples all over my house, land, and train station. :P [May 31 2015]

I was standing outside and lightning struck about five blocks away... RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF ALL MY COWS. It's been raining a lot since Joe installed the sleep machine. :( [May 31 2015]

Joe built an amazing/horrible villager trading post/slave camp. However, he killed some useful people and invited new terrible ones. [Jun 1 2015]

Zombie BJs for everyone! [Jun 1 2015]

Inside the giant birch tower, a staircase! [Jun 7 2015]

I did it! [Jun 7 2015]

One thing you can say for Zoe's tower is that it has awesome views! [Jun 7 2015]

Built a road over to Shifty's place, with a nice view of my statue. [Jun 7 2015]

A fancy bridge to help Joe get to his train station. [Jun 7 2015]

Joe and Jen build an auto-smeltery. Kale withers away. [Jun 7 2015]

I show Shawn the completed squid farm. Also known as the HILARIOUS FARM. Squids just continually drop down on you and splat on the ground. [Jun 11 2015]

Whoa! There is a new collaborative project going on in the ocean near the guardian farm! [Jun 14 2015]

It gets pretty amazing pretty fast! [Jun 14 2015]

Someone decides they'd rather live in hell. [Jun 15 2015]

I gather a small amount of nether quartz. [Jun 15 2015]

Shawn begins flattening out the entire world. He uses some leftover dirt to build a spire. [Jun 15 2015]

A very cool spot where ice spikes meet flower forest. I was building a railway extension to over here, but... [Jun 15 2015]

Oh. That's a, um, very... well... house? I guess? [Jun 28 2015]

Joe manages to find a charged creeper and use it to get a legit zombie head! Also, this is in his awesome enchanting room. [Jun 28 2015]

Joe's Great Hall in the underwater city. [Jun 28 2015]

More views of the underwater city as it expands. [Jun 28 2015]

I go on a mapping expedition and find an interesting concentration of waterfalls. Joe provides tasteful commentary. [Jun 28 2015]

More fun with console commands. [Jun 28 2015]

Jen treats me and Joe to a slightly late fourth of July fireworks show at the underwater city! [Jul 5 2015]

'MURICA [Jul 5 2015]

Not all the buildings in the underwater city are equally amazing. [Jul 5 2015]

After a long trip making maps I sail into civilization at Lagoon Station, with Shifty's village wall on the top of the mesa. [Jul 8 2015]

Sometimes mapping is a dangerous activity. [Jul 8 2015]

Checking another item off the to-do list! [Jul 9 2015]

Ah, completed the 2x2 center of the world map. Just in time for the world to get corrupted and die. [Jul 9 2015]

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