Joe destroyed Ravenholdm, so we had to start a new world! Good job! [Jul 12 2015]

We begin together on a large island, almost completely covered in dense jungle. The first civilization I find is Zoe's settlement. [Jul 12 2015]

I dig myself into the standard first night hole-in-a-wall. [Jul 12 2015]

The next day I find an unlooted temple and decide to claim it as my own! [Jul 12 2015]

Finally I see other people! Joe and Robert at Robert's place. [Jul 13 2015]

Not at all gloating about finding diamonds. [Jul 13 2015]

Nick found them shortly afterwards! He also settled in a ravine. You know, the opposite of a giant tree. [Jul 13 2015]

Carving space out of the jungle underbrush for farms. [Jul 13 2015]

Shawn builds a treehouse almost entirely out of dirt just for spite. [Jul 13 2015]

That might just be the largest cluster of glowstone that I've ever seen. [Jul 13 2015]

Colin spoils the fun and immediately sails off to start a new city that will take over the world. [Jul 14 2015]

Shifty also starts exploring immediately and finds a variety of interesting lands! [Jul 14 2015]

Nick gives the island a root canal. [Jul 14 2015]

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