The biggest Jungle Edge biome I've ever seen. [Aug 1 2015]

My first encounter with the new way to kill Withers. [Aug 1 2015]

My portal-tower is finally disconnected. The only way to it is through under-lava-sea rail tunnel. :) [Aug 2 2015]

Leafchicken and Leafcat, stuck together forever. [Aug 2 2015]

Damn, there's actually multiple people playing at once on this world! [Aug 2 2015]

Jungle viaduct towards my new building site. [Aug 3 2015]

Oh, Colin's made an even larger building. [Aug 4 2015]

Colin's humble abode. [Aug 4 2015]

Speaking of palacial luxury, here's a dirty hole I just moved to. [Aug 8 2015]

A creeper immediately blows up my building materials and bed. :( [Aug 8 2015]

Cliffside house starts coming together. [Aug 8 2015]

Golemface banners to mark off the bridge to the iron farm! [Aug 12 2015]

Little Colinbridge leading away towards further expansion. [Aug 12 2015]

Many ginormous buildings. [Aug 12 2015]

:( My chests all vaished. [Aug 14 2015]

Robert's fancy secret basement! [Aug 14 2015]

A lot going on at Justin and Neuman's. [Aug 14 2015]

It's expanded a bit! [Aug 14 2015]

A little expansion over at Zoe's place too. :) [Aug 15 2015]

Starting on the interiors of my new house. [Aug 16 2015]

Running down a tunnel for half an hour: the going to the mesa story. [Aug 22 2015]

Made it! [Aug 22 2015]

A kind of insane multi-ravine directly under the mesa base. [Aug 22 2015]

Joe helps decorate my base. Also, he's coincidentally just discovered the AI disabled tag. [Aug 23 2015]

This is my life now. [Aug 23 2015]

Eventually I grew to enjoy my ghast roommate. The sounds of screaming just meant I was home. [Aug 23 2015]

Oh hey, there's a flower forest with waterfalls right on the other side of my base. [Aug 23 2015]

I finally decide to check out behind the jungle wall, and... I'm not sure what I expected, but this wasn't it. [Aug 26 2015]

A nice decorative garden in the center of my base. :) [Sep 3 2015]

A pigman stole my cart on the forever-rail to the mesa. :( [Sep 6 2015]

Joe enjoying my mine's safety. [Sep 7 2015]

Speaking of safety, what better place to build a villager trading post than on the ocean floor? [Sep 7 2015]

Did someone say 'Nether Doughnut'? [Sep 7 2015]

Because Joe built a nether doughnut. Also, my fullsize tower on the right. [Sep 7 2015]

Gold farm! [Sep 8 2015]

I think my new base needs some wheat. [Sep 9 2015]

No, more wheat than that. [Sep 10 2015]

I guess that'll do for now, but I really could use more. [Sep 10 2015]

Speaking of getting into the farming spirit, Mike joins and makes a bunch of farms. [Sep 13 2015]

Also a neat low-light base concept, using the fact that mobs don't spawn on glass or bedrock. [Sep 13 2015]

That's not how you craft, Mike. [Sep 13 2015]

Mikeville expands and takes over a desert village. He helpfully builds a monster spawner above their homes. [Sep 13 2015]

Oh. The guardian farm looks pretty crazy these days. [Sep 13 2015]

Speaking of looking crazy, it turns out that weird walled base in the jungle actually has an inside. [Sep 14 2015]

So that's where all the iron's been going. [Sep 14 2015]

The biohazard shadow is kind of amazeballs. [Sep 14 2015]

Speaking of incredible lighting, there's this. [Sep 15 2015]

Turns out my cat's a robot. [Sep 16 2015]

And then someone blew up my base and accidentally took down the whole world too. (Or I cleaned it up but like two days later there was an unannounced world change. Either way.) [Sep 17 2015]

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