Surprise, new world time! Welcome to Countrysides, it's amplified and there's no food at all! [Oct 3 2015]

New worlds always give me wood. [Oct 3 2015]

Okay, so I have a standard first night plan. [Oct 3 2015]

Amplified does make things different. Cloud forest! [Oct 3 2015]

Oh my. Amplified makes things a lot different. Giant arch. [Oct 3 2015]

Okay, I could get used to this I guess. [Oct 3 2015]

Unfortunately, no grass at spawn means no animals means we're all living off zombie flesh, so let's try some fishing. [Oct 3 2015]

Best ravine ever, it's full of food! [Oct 3 2015]

Trying to figure out how to walk to Joe's is a bit harder than on a standard world. [Oct 3 2015]

Fun times with pigmen. [Oct 3 2015]

The most important discovery yet. I dub it, FOOD ISLAND. [Oct 3 2015]

Oh also underwater end portal? [Oct 3 2015]

Just a one-room stronghold sitting on the ocean floor. Weird. [Oct 3 2015]

Cliffs are not sure if mesa. [Oct 3 2015]

Best map 2015. [Oct 4 2015]

Making roads is somewhat harder. Also many creepers. [Oct 11 2015]

Made a path to the top of one of the crazy spires. Also, cactus and sugarcane farms. [Oct 11 2015]

Opposite view, looking down from the top of the spire towards the starting area. [Oct 11 2015]

I spy some rails. [Oct 11 2015]

Mike took one look at the mesa and said 'screw this.' He sailed away and found his own little island. [Oct 14 2015]

Megaswamp. The fact that the swampland stays flat makes the giant cliffs seem even weirder. [Oct 14 2015]

Colin picked a pleasant spot for his starter base. [Oct 14 2015]

Colin's actually more pleasant spot for his main base. Top of a cliff overlooking an idyllic valley. [Oct 14 2015]

Some sort of Mikeconstruction. [Oct 15 2015]

It's a bit tall. Also, this is what Mikeisland looks like. [Oct 15 2015]

Joe's been busy making a fancy new farm in the nether! [Oct 21 2015]

It's powered by two blaze spawners and is kind of awesome. [Oct 21 2015]

A look down into Neuman's valley. [Oct 23 2015]

Those are some big waterfalls. Also this place will probably not be important later, don't worry about it. [Oct 23 2015]

As if extreme hills are neccessary with amplified. [Oct 23 2015]


Getting things mapped out a bit, turns out our mesa spawn area is an island! And Colin's huge lavafalls are so big you can see them as red spots to the right. [Oct 25 2015]

Amplified is usually rather pretty. Usually. Sand, what are you doing. (Neat waterfalls, though.) [Oct 30 2015]

Even mushroom island is in on the amplified plan! [Oct 30 2015]

Hey look, it's a Jenbase! [Oct 30 2015]

Hey look, it's the source of all waterfalls. [Oct 30 2015]

A spoopy flower forest. Exploring the new continent to the east. [Oct 30 2015]

In my explorations, I come across a place that becomes known simply as the Darklands. Interconnected roofed arches = all the monsters underneath. [Oct 31 2015]

The Darklands are serious business. But what's that clinging to the underside of the arch? [Oct 31 2015]

Oh, we've made it all the way to Colin's valley, where he has some crazy suspended walkway going on. [Oct 31 2015]

I pick a spot for a new base. Shouldn't take long. [Nov 1 2015]

Let's just start mining out a bit of space. [Nov 1 2015]

Turns out the new place I'm working on (upper right) is pretty close to Colin's lavashack (left). [Nov 1 2015]

Welp, got a floor done. [Nov 3 2015]

Hey, cliffrabbits. [Nov 3 2015]

I think the grass spread is making fun of me. [Nov 4 2015]

A whole layer of nice flat grass! [Nov 8 2015]

Not everyone is welcome in my cliffside getaway. [Nov 8 2015]

Well that seems like a reasonable amount of stone to mine out. [Nov 8 2015]

What the fuck am I thinking. [Nov 9 2015]

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