If I'm going to glass off my entire ridiculous cliff window, I'll need to dig up a whole desert. So I did. [Nov 9 2015]

Welp. [Nov 9 2015]

It's going to go all the way through the mountain to the other side. [Nov 9 2015]

The extinction of the local cliffrabbit population. They kept falling. :( [Nov 9 2015]

I managed to find one to keep as a pet, but not enough to breed them. [Nov 9 2015]

Looks like an iron farm! [Nov 15 2015]

Looks like an insant cliff window! [Nov 15 2015]

This base isn't just going through the mountain horizontally. Oh no. [Nov 15 2015]

This place is getting big. [Nov 17 2015]

Just a bit large. [Nov 17 2015]

Plenty of room to grow indoor giant trees, though! [Nov 17 2015]

Why build one giant cliffwindow when you can have two for twice the price? [Nov 18 2015]

Starting up some farms. Also, the lower cliffwindow will have four windows, not just two. [Nov 22 2015]

Joe makes a wise decision while working on his own base. [Nov 22 2015]

I guess this is really a thing I'm doing. Wait, how am I supposed to get in or out? [Dec 7 2015]

Hidden harbor! [Dec 7 2015]

Behind one of the waterfalls. :) [Dec 7 2015]

A nether portal, and digging down down down... [Dec 7 2015]

Hit a ravine near the bottom. [Dec 7 2015]

Well this makes the glass bridge much less terrifying. [Dec 7 2015]

A little visit to the Darklands again while I'm out doing some exploring. [Dec 9 2015]

It's a Nickbase! Kill it with fire! [Dec 12 2015]

So yeah. Nick found a nice bit of savanna to set up his own bunker. [Dec 12 2015]

I end up cowering in a pile of dirt for the night, leaving Nick this thoughtful gift. [Dec 12 2015]

Netherroads, why not. [Dec 12 2015]

Our nether transport is getting pretty sprawly. [Dec 12 2015]

Nick gets started on some farms in his bunker. [Dec 13 2015]

How tall is the main level of my base going to be? That tall. Also, a beacon makes the work go faster, borrowed from Jen. [Dec 13 2015]

Ahaha, the top of the mountain is pretty close to the height limit. [Dec 13 2015]

Snowbeacon. [Dec 15 2015]

Got the upper vertical window finished! Hope you like heights! [Dec 15 2015]

First main level side window complete! Plus temporary bed, enchanting, and animals. [Dec 18 2015]

Checking out the witch farm. [Dec 20 2015]

Nick's bunker is getting fancy! [Dec 22 2015]

Big ol' storage hall. [Dec 22 2015]

I think Nick needs more cows. [Dec 22 2015]

I bring a gift for Nick's animal pens. [Dec 23 2015]

First version of my storeroom, with bonus christmaschests! [Dec 24 2015]

This place might actually end up being pretty cool. [Dec 25 2015]

Speaking of pretty cool, look at what Joe's been working on! A big farm outside his base, with scarecrows! [Dec 25 2015]

The fastest way to get iron bars into your inventory to craft into blocks. [Jan 1 2016]

Terry makes some kind of modern art house. I actually kind of like it. [Jan 3 2016]

Robert goes for a patterned wall. [Jan 3 2016]

Two wings complete! [Jan 3 2016]

Where do you think water comes from, the sky? [Jan 3 2016]

Bedshrine. [Jan 3 2016]

Bottom of the third wing is a go! Moved the animals to the pockets on the sides. [Jan 9 2016]

Spying through the slimewalls. [Jan 10 2016]

Double beacons! [Jan 11 2016]

Holy shit Darklands, whatever you're doing, keep it up. [Jan 12 2016]

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