Villages tend to be a little weird with amplified. [Jan 12 2016]

Some mysteryhouse in the middle of nowhere. Never found out whose it was. It had a bunch of items on the ground when I got there. [Jan 12 2016]

Apparently some golems escaped the iron farm to live on the bottom of the ocean. [Jan 12 2016]

Jen decides to capture an elder guardian and transport him through hell. You know, as one does. [Jan 12 2016]

His name is Mr. Whiskers and he lives in the pond by Jen's base now. [Jan 12 2016]

The netherrail reminds me of something I usually do. Let's make a big pointless railway! Also, lavashack from behind. [Jan 13 2016]

Two complete wings of my base with new lighting put in. :) [Jan 17 2016]

A third wing is done! This one was a challenge, as it didn't come to a flat face, so it juts out a ways. But bonus water feature! [Jan 22 2016]

Yeah, there are a lot of random landscape shots from this world. [Jan 25 2016]

Nearly mined out the last wing! [Jan 31 2016]

I did it! The main level is completely mined out. Mountainwindow = yes! [Jan 31 2016]

View along the other axis of the main level. Plus a hint of a bedroom on the left. [Jan 31 2016]

This is why you don't mix free-range animals and open flames, Mike. [Jan 31 2016]

View of the long wing from the top of the waterfall. I can't get enough of how cool this place looks! [Feb 5 2016]

Going back to work on the top level, I decide to try a little experiment. [Feb 8 2016]

Oh. I explored too much. I found the end of the world. [Feb 9 2016]

Along the way though, I ran into amplified flower forest. [Feb 9 2016]

The usual way desert temples generate. [Feb 11 2016]

View of my base from the direction where it juts out over the bay. [Feb 13 2016]

Tallhouse. [Feb 13 2016]

World borders being weird. [Feb 13 2016]

I'm sorry, the other side of this house is strictly off-limits. [Feb 14 2016]

Completing the end portal! [Feb 16 2016]

Some farmstuf that Joe's got going on. [Feb 20 2016]

Oh also a base with a giant field and windmill, I guess that's cool too. [Feb 20 2016]

Exploring the desert, I find a hidden grassy valley. Always wanted to come back here and do something with it, but I never did. [Feb 25 2016]

We decide to make a village together, low-tech and stylized, out in the savanna. [Feb 28 2016]

This house comes complete with a complimentary pigman. [Feb 28 2016]

We need a bigger gold farm. This is definitely not overkill. [Feb 29 2016]

I have a shield! Also, a storeroom! [Feb 29 2016]

We found some amplified jungle! [Mar 1 2016]

We found some amplified ice spikes! [Mar 1 2016]

We found beets! Truly the most exciting discovery. [Mar 1 2016]

In actually exciting news, a villager who wants to trade the new Mending enchantment. Yes, please. [Mar 1 2016]

To celebrate 1.9, I give out some mending books. :) [Mar 1 2016]

Time to show that dragon who's boss. [Mar 5 2016]

We won, and our prize is the new outer islands of the End! Chorus fruit and endermen as far as you want to go. [Mar 6 2016]

But also, End Cities! [Mar 6 2016]

I spent a long time wandering around with a pumpkin on my head, eating chorus fruit. [Mar 6 2016]

It was worth it, though! I got my very own elytra! :D [Mar 6 2016]

Also, snowmen got extra derpy. [Mar 8 2016]

I spy an enderman farm. [Mar 8 2016]

Baby's first elytra death. Awww. [Mar 12 2016]

You can't stop the chop. [Mar 12 2016]

Letting people try out the elytra. Mike dives off his mob farm. It looks pretty cool. [Mar 12 2016]

Also looking pretty cool, Joe's storage room. There's a tiny bit of space for stuff, here. [Mar 12 2016]

Nobody here but us withers. [Mar 13 2016]

Shawn flyswims into my secret harbor. [Mar 19 2016]

Built some mountaintop access so I have a good place to elytra from. :) [Mar 19 2016]

Shawn starts up his own base, and a base is never truly yours until you make a banner. [Mar 24 2016]

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