Also Shawn picked some weird floating islands to build on. [Mar 24 2016]

I manage to fly to and land on the tiniest floating island. [Mar 24 2016]

Cats! [Mar 26 2016]

We discover two new things. Subtitles, and lolcat language settings. [Mar 26 2016]

Oinkey Hoomans and Ghests. Also, the crazy auto-smelter that Jen built. [Mar 26 2016]

Building a slime farm. This is how it's supposed to look, right? [Mar 26 2016]

Actually done. Except the portal at the bottom inexplicably starts people on fire. [Mar 26 2016]

Shawnbase progresses. [Mar 30 2016]

I teach him the ways of minecart ladders. He learns quickly. [Mar 30 2016]

Portalstairs at Shawnland. [Mar 30 2016]

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