A list of warps and the server being welcoming to everybody. [Apr 3 2011]

Luke lured Santino onto a path of glass and then flew up and broke it out from under him. He is a nice guy, thank you. [Apr 3 2011]

I am not sure how this went this far! [Apr 3 2011]

We watched until the sun rose. [Apr 3 2011]

The back of Window Mountain from the rail line to NFI. [Apr 8 2011]

Window Mountain and the Golden Pyramid from just outside the backdoor to Pat Mountain. [Apr 8 2011]

Y'know, that there bridge? [Apr 9 2011]

What's that up by Luke's pyramid? [Apr 9 2011]

Luke takes a close look. [Apr 9 2011]

The rollercoaster tracks underneath NFI. [Apr 14 2011]

A random huge waterfall! [Apr 17 2011]

Natural obsidian at the surface! [Apr 17 2011]

I asked Luke with some help with lighting. This was necessary. Totally not overkill. [Apr 17 2011]

Random spire out at the edge of where the forest used to be before it burned down. [Apr 17 2011]

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