Crowding around the enchanting table. [Digger's Union - May 24 2013]

Luke and his special friend. [Digger's Union - May 24 2013]

We were safe the whole time! [Digger's Union - May 24 2013]

Er. Building the proper portal ended up resulting in a severe case of Fortressdong. [Digger's Union - May 24 2013]

Creepers have a way of making you feel right at home when you start a new base. [Digger's Union - May 27 2013]

I lead a group of adventurers on a daring raid of an NPC village I found. [Digger's Union - Jun 1 2013]

I'm pretty happy that I got that fence up in time. [Digger's Union - Jun 1 2013]

Saying farewell to my house on Digger's Union. It was just starting to get awesome, but the Internet's getting shut off. :( [Digger's Union - Jun 1 2013]

No Internet doesn't mean no Minecraft! [Single Player - Jun 13 2013]

A slight expansion of my house. [Single Player - Jun 14 2013]

A friendly face to pass the time while smelting. I certainly never do a double take while walking through this room. [Single Player - Jun 17 2013]

Uh, I had a random idea for a new building while dozing off one day. [Single Player - Jun 24 2013]

I did actually manage to fill it with useful rooms. Might try building it for real when the Internet comes back. [Single Player - Jun 25 2013]

Toiling away in the ol' flower mines. [Single Player - Jul 14 2013]

I've had a lot of free time on my hands. I've been doing a bit of branch mining... [Single Player - Jul 23 2013]

That's 1163 iron, 263 gold, 319 diamonds, 40 emeralds, and 6706 redstone. So far. [Single Player - Jul 23 2013]

Since I had so much free time and iron, I decided to finally get the 'On a Rail' achievement and made a 1000-block straight-line railway. [Single Player - Jul 24 2013]

Farmin' up some trees. And cactus. [Single Player - Aug 15 2013]

One of my railways went over a small lake surrounded by cliffs. So I built a base there! [Single Player - Aug 22 2013]

Very strange broken biome edge in one of my old single player worlds. [Single Player - Aug 24 2013]

A visitor comes through the portal! [Single Player - Sep 4 2013]

I found a huge hole in the ground, so I decided to terraform it into a nice, happy valley. [Single Player - Sep 7 2013]

I've also been messing around with a Tekkit Lite world. I finally got a quarry working! [Single Player - Sep 9 2013]

Checking out the 1.7 snapshots. Ice spikes are weird. [Single Player - Sep 20 2013]

Holy shit amplified is awesome. [Single Player - Sep 20 2013]

The ultimate mountain in an amplified world. [Single Player - Sep 20 2013]

Counting down the days until release, I find myself comparing all the different decorative blocks. [Single Player - Oct 22 2013]

... and since that was fun, why not the ores? [Single Player - Oct 22 2013]

It quickly got out of hand. Minecarts! [Single Player - Oct 22 2013]

Yeah, I got most of the way through placing every block in the game. [Single Player - Oct 22 2013]

And then I messed around with the new /summon command. Zombie Horse, Green Villager, and a normal zombie not a giant. [Single Player - Oct 22 2013]

Checking out spider vision in Spectator Mode. [Single Player - Jan 30 2014]

1.8's almost here. Checking out armor stands. [Single Player - Aug 6 2014]

Mike invites me to a server run by some friends of his, which is running a variety of random mods. Mike has a rather tall tower into the sky! [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 5 2015]

I help by throwing all the sand off of it. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 5 2015]

I've already peaked on this server. How can I top making a rat burger? [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 5 2015]

Oh, hello dinosaurs. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 7 2015]

THIS GOAT IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE WORTH IT REALLY [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 7 2015]

Colin joins the server and befriends some slimes. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 7 2015]

Holy shit that's a lot of sharks. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 7 2015]

This dinosaur thing appears to poop a trail of poison. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 7 2015]

Wow, that's quite a tree. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 7 2015]

Some strange ship that I found, apparently naturally generated. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 7 2015]

I bring back sacred oak saplings and we grow one! However, when Mike tries to chop it down... [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 9 2015]

... the server crashes. Also, several thousand stacks of wood. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 9 2015]

Colin uses the new wood types from the mods to build an interesting new home. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 9 2015]

Secret quicksand entrance! [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 9 2015]

Everyone joins in on the quicksand party. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 9 2015]

Mike plants a sacred oak next to Colin's house. Colin builds another house inside of it. [Mike's Friends' Server - Mar 10 2015]

Mike decides that he wants his own server! I build a humble home. [Mike's Server - Mar 12 2015]

What a beautiful... house? [Mike's Server - Mar 12 2015]

I locate Colin and his own little starter hut. [Mike's Server - Mar 12 2015]

Just as I'm running out of space in the Patcave, Joker Creeper shows up to steal everything. [Mike's Server - Mar 12 2015]

I decide to move out into a new house that is less inside a cave. [Mike's Server - Mar 14 2015]

Mike's moved into a desert temple that he's renovating. What? No, there's nothing unusual behind it. [Mike's Server - Mar 14 2015]

Oh, you mean the largest portal I've ever seen. Yeah, that's a thing. [Mike's Server - Mar 14 2015]

Colin suggests an alternate flag for me. [Mike's Server - Mar 14 2015]

When I decline to use Colin's new flag, he surrounds my house with trees. :( [Mike's Server - Mar 20 2015]

Brand new update, coincidentally on April Fools' Day. The sky hearts me! [Single Player - Apr 1 2015]

Creepers really ARE our friends! I lovingly tap them with my magic wand of happiness. [Single Player - Apr 1 2015]

My horse got tired, so I thought it would only be fair to give him a ride. [Single Player - Apr 1 2015]

IT HURTS SO GOOD [Single Player - Apr 1 2015]

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