What have we done to poor Snowcrest? Luke built an 'antenna' to try to make the mob farm work. It did not. [Apr 13 2012]

I got bored and spent a week making random houses. [Apr 27 2012]

Cross-section of a mob farm. [Apr 27 2012]

:) Yggdrasil still twinkles from the distance. [Apr 27 2012]

A world hole reveals a cross section of the wheat farm. Also, my house and the storage building. [Apr 27 2012]

Enormous rooftop at Avalon. [Apr 27 2012]

Magic floating jungle tree out past Avalon. [Apr 28 2012]

Nick spruces up the Snowcrest Failfarm with some tasteful art. [Apr 28 2012]

Aaaand I'm back to giving mountains windows again, apparently. [May 11 2012]

Early days at Fort Nameless. [May 11 2012]

Buildingface. [May 11 2012]

New skin! And random island base. [May 28 2012]

Working on Snowcrest Spire. [Jun 6 2012]

I love the smell of burning creepers in the tunnel. [Jun 9 2012]

Rather large random hole in the ground. [Jun 13 2012]

Fort Whatever's wheat farm spewing wheat and seeds out inside the base. [Jun 13 2012]

The Skybase before we got it working... and when it still was on stilts. [Jun 15 2012]

Crazy cliifs, out near Far East. [Jun 16 2012]

Snowcrest at sunrise. :) [Jun 16 2012]

Snowcrest Spire, now labelled for your convenience. [Jun 17 2012]

A nighttime shot of Murderton, featuring the completed version of John's house. [Jun 20 2012]

A wild Helen appears! Going down the road to her base, past Jungledrasil.[Jun 22 2012]

Nick gets attacked by a mob of experience orbs at Utopia. [Jun 22 2012]

Patotype. Front door of my house in Utopia. [Jun 22 2012]

Some sort of fancy garden pond thing at my house in Utopia. [Jun 22 2012]

Dining room, kitchen, and staircase inside my house. [Jun 22 2012]

Where the magic happens. [Jun 22 2012]

I'm still not sure how I feel about the floor in the office. [Jun 22 2012]

Welcome to Utopia! The nicest town in the desert ruled by demon-worshippers you'll find for miles. [Jun 22 2012]

I am so damn proud of this bridge still. :D [Jun 23 2012]

And the garden, too! [Jun 23 2012]

The ultimate cactus. [Jun 23 2012]

The melon fairy strikes at Helen's new base. [Jun 27 2012]

Repopulating Murderton. [Jul 3 2012]

In the beginning, Notch created all the blocks. [Jul 3 2012]

We'll miss you, Herpderp. [Jul 3 2012]

Herpderp's cousin Derpherp tries to lighten the mood. [Jul 5 2012]

Uh... for a place called 'Pond Villa', it sure looks dirty and gross. [Jul 13 2012]

A golem tests out the sturdiness of our cakes. [Jul 18 2012]

Not an excessive amount of wheat or anything. [Jul 18 2012]

Because it's in the desert, giving Murderton underground streets involved strip mining to the surface. Fun times. [Jul 19 2012]

A line of villagers waiting their turn to leap off the balcony of one of the guest houses. [Jul 19 2012]

Another world hole cross-section of Murderton. This time featuring the new underground streets and all three floors of the community center. [Jul 30 2012]

A treetop view of Murderton, near the end. [Aug 1 2012]

Working on the Skybase! Watch your step. [Aug 4 2012]

I'm not sure if there's enough sugarcane at Fort Stuff. [Aug 4 2012]

Luke tending to the farms at Skybase. [Aug 5 2012]

Luke's a rebel, IN BED. [Aug 5 2012]

Skybase looming over the countryside. [Aug 7 2012]

The mountain window was converted into possibly the most awesome portal chamber. :) [Aug 7 2012]

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