First screenshot I thought to take of the new world. Just after murdering all the villagers whose homes we spawned next to, just before finding a dungeon just nextdoor. [Mar 2 2012]

Me and Dan, taming the jungle with a sword and... a piece of string? [Mar 2 2012]

Luke about to test the emergency exit at Home Tree. [Mar 2 2012]

Treehouse glowing in the distance. [Mar 2 2012]

Me and Myst on top of Snowcrest at sunset. [Mar 3 2012]

Oh hey, there's lava in the Nether. [Mar 3 2012]

Murderton from the under-construction tower nextdoor. Some of the original buildings are still standing at this point. Also, the cactus walls kind of look like a Christmas tree. [Mar 3 2012]

The cactus wall is getting kind of out of control. [Mar 3 2012]

A pleasant evening in downtown Murderton, the night before Dan and Myst took their house and went home. [Mar 3 2012]

That's... a rather large tower. And a Luke. [Mar 3 2012]

Underwater diamonds! [Mar 4 2012]

Minecraft romance! Awwww. [Mar 5 2012]

Cats keeping guard inside my house in Murderton. [Mar 5 2012]

Cluster of ores. [Mar 7 2012]

The tower/space elevator/whatever is visible from rather far away. [Mar 9 2012]

Luke mining a missing chunk. [Mar 9 2012]

Little sheltered melon farm at Snowcrest. [Mar 9 2012]

Luke dove from the top of the tower and tried to land in those two blocks of water. He missed. [Mar 9 2012]

Either the tower really does go into space, or something's wrong with the sun near the height cap... [Mar 10 2012]

A missing chunk helpfully showing a cross-section of Luke's house, where he'd built a secret tree farm. [Mar 11 2012]

The bridge to Ileria! [Mar 11 2012]

Looks safe. I'll just try to jump across to get those diamonds. [Mar 20 2012]

Luke trying out his brand new Fortune II pick. [Mar 21 2012]

Luke's top secret house. Also, my top secret island fort. But don't tell anyone. They're secret. [Mar 22 2012]

A nice little treehouse. :) [Mar 22 2012]

To make up for the massacre of Murderton, I did some community service at Dust Hill. Note treehouse in the distance. [Mar 22 2012]

Babby testificate! [Mar 22 2012]

View of Dust Hill from my treehouse. [Mar 22 2012]

Lots of random ores! Digging a giant hole to the bedrock was totally worth it. [Mar 28 2012]

See? A great idea. [Mar 28 2012]

Watching the snow fall from Myst's cabin. [Mar 29 2012]

Welcoming a new neighbor to Murderton. [Mar 30 2012]


I got bored so I built a library. [Mar 31 2012]

A rare Dan, seen here in captivity. [Apr 1 2012]

Dan and Myst's new house, plus the lanes of dirt all over town when we were growing patches of lawn around the trees and gardens. [Apr 1 2012]

I defeated my nemesis, Redstone. At least temporarily. Mechanism of a piston door I built. [Apr 8 2012]


Quite awesome base at Luke's nether fortress. [Apr 8 2012]

Who cares if mob farms work anymore? The important thing is that it's incredibly ugly and enormous. [Apr 12 2012]

MAGIC. Also, where we were waiting under the mob farm until we realized it didn't work. [Apr 12 2012]

Luke always has helpful tips for improving my bases. [Apr 12 2012]

Murderton's growing into a bustling little town! [Apr 13 2012]

And what's that over in the other direction? [Apr 13 2012]

My real life house, recreated in Minecraft. :) [Apr 13 2012]

My bedroom. [Apr 13 2012]

Luke decided to build his house across the street from mine. [Apr 13 2012]

The lilypad walkway from Murderton to Yggdrasil. [Apr 13 2012]

The latest model of Yggdrasil! [Apr 13 2012]

Murderton from above. (See also: Town Map) [Apr 13 2012]

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