Oh hello again! I have a computer! I have a ravine! [Nov 27 2011]

The very first NPC village that I found. I named it Sandy Gulch. [Nov 27 2011]

The view from my new mountain base, Tallcrest, as sunset. [Nov 27 2011]

Looking the other way from Tallcrest at sunset. I always meant to make a cool sentinel tower on top of that spire, but I never did. :( [Nov 27 2011]

The very impressive first night at Tallcrest. [Nov 27 2011]

Welcome to the Main Base! Watch out for stray Lukes. [Nov 27 2011]

Storage and workshop areas. Note the fancy front wall. [Nov 27 2011]

Furnaces, hallways, and a very trustworthy looking fellow. [Nov 27 2011]

Dan and Myst coming home for the night. [Nov 27 2011]

A friendly visitor reminds us that maybe dirt isn't the best material for the front wall. [Nov 28 2011]

Beware the deadly cavesquid! [Nov 28 2011]

Beware of jerks putting snow golems on your towers and covering them with snow. (Lawl.) [Nov 28 2011]

Looking out the window at Archlands. Everything looks safe, so I guess I should open all the doors. [Nov 29 2011]

So I hollowed out Luke's body and climbed inside his skull. [Nov 30 2011]

This way looks safe. [Nov 30 2011]

Wintry scene at Strongholdville, just before we located the stronghold, and just after planting a useful tree farm that was never touched again. [Nov 30 2011]

:D We found the stronghold. It has a library. [Nov 30 2011]

All the abandoned boats at Ice Harbor. [Nov 30 2011]


Um, you know, if you want you can stay I guess, sorry... [Nov 30 2011]

Looking at the plateau at Tallcrest, before I built it up and made it safe. [Dec 2 2011]

Luke enjoys walks on the beach at sunset. (That's Tallcrest over on the right.) [Dec 2 2011]

We found a nether fortress, np. [Dec 2 2011]

We found a Blaze spawner, Luke's on fire, np. [Dec 2 2011]

Inside Nick's tower that we all ended up calling Stonedrasil. [Dec 2 2011]

Never sit down to lunch with this guy. What a creeper. [Dec 2 2011]

Looking at Tallcrest from the portal on the plateau. Part of the base appears to be missing... [Dec 3 2011]

The finished Plateau Road and Portal at Tallcrest. [Dec 3 2011]

:) Some cool bridges I built at Tallcrest. [Dec 3 2011]

A peaceful Creeper-rise at Tallcrest Manor. [Dec 3 2011]

Tallcrest from Magma Mountain. [Dec 3 2011]

Nothing but hills, grass, and a river for as far as the eye can see. I dub this land... New Minnesota. [Dec 3 2011]

Nick's giant bridge of doom. You can't tell, but it goes ACROSS THE OCEAN. [Dec 3 2011]

:) Looking down at Sandy Gulch at sunset, from atop Tallcrest. [Dec 3 2011]

The Archlands! I always wanted to do more with this place. [Dec 4 2011]

Just making it to safety as the sun sets and it snows. Well, relative safety, considering it's just Archlands Outpost, and everything around it is dark. [Dec 4 2011]

The first NPC village found with a church on Nick's server. Tastefully named. [Dec 4 2011]

Hey, this is a nice tower you have, Luke. [Dec 4 2011]


Can I have your stuff? [Dec 4 2011]

Alternate view of Luke's fortress. [Dec 4 2011]

Shhh. Luke and I are doing a midnight raid on an NPC village. [Dec 5 2011]

Target practice with cliffpigs. [Dec 5 2011]

Yep, I think it's water. Thanks for checking, Luke. [Dec 5 2011]

The normal thing to see under the water you're swimming in. [Dec 5 2011]

Forever alone at the extra fancy New Hickory after Luke killed himself and had to walk back from several thousand blocks away. [Dec 5 2011]

Working on the stairway at New Hickory. Also, Luke's about to jump off a cliff. That's a kind of work, right? [Dec 6 2011]

Going for a quick swim in Lake Doom, Mr. Astley? [Dec 6 2011]

Nick's Bridge-O-Doom in the distance. [Dec 10 2011]

I don't think that's how an abandoned mineshaft is supposed to look. [Dec 10 2011]

Water doing a good job. [Dec 11 2011]

My favorite way to sleep. Outside, on top of the bedding, while it's snowing. [Dec 11 2011]

Discovery of the tiniest village ever, Cape Desolation. A church, one small house, and a well. [Dec 11 2011]

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