First NPC village with a forge! [Dec 11 2011]

I always build useful places that people will find again. (Ex: Swampy Bend) [Dec 11 2011]

Yay! After an epic coastal journey to find out how big our continent was, I catch sight of the back of Window Mountain at Tallcrest. Home at last! [Dec 11 2011]

Working on the totally safe parts of the Netherrail Network. [Dec 11 2011]

I join in at The City. The harbor kind of looks like a headbanging guy from this angle. [Dec 12 2011]

A better angle of the Harbor. [Dec 13 2011]

Ohhh, spiders keep falling on my head... [Dec 14 2011]

A creeper is on the mystery box, and Luke is on the wall of the City Castle! What will happen next? [Dec 14 2011]

Lul. [Dec 14 2011]

Marking the summits of all the mountains at Tallcrest. Here's Magma Mountain, but also a nice view of the bridge and viewing room. [Dec 15 2011]

A wide view of Tallcrest from the summit of Sentinel Mountain! [Dec 15 2011]

Yeah, maybe I do have too much time on my hands. But it looks pretty! [Dec 15 2011]

City sprawl on the upper levels, including an early version of the apartment building. [Dec 15 2011]

A road through the City towards the Tavern and Luke's auto-farm. [Dec 17 2011]

Whoo, we broke all the chests! [Dec 17 2011]

Another view of the Tavern and Auto-Farm at night. [Dec 17 2011]

All of those furnaces are totally necessary. A minute later a Creeper snuck in a blew up right behind Luke. [Dec 17 2011]

Luke trying to get the cows feelin' frisky. [Dec 17 2011]

We made a barn with all that brick to go with the cow and creeper farm. [Dec 19 2011]

:) Much improved Apartments, plus Castle and Mystery Box in the background. Also, Endermen. [Dec 20 2011]

Luke testing the bathrooms in the Tavern. [Dec 20 2011]

Vines were totally a great idea to spruce up the crappy slums on the far side of town. [Dec 21 2011]

A distant shot of Luke's Fortress and tower from the weird Netherrack road. [Dec 27 2011]

Looking towards Tallcrest from a nearby lava pond. You can see another of my cool bridges from here. :) [Dec 28 2011]

The center of town in The City. [Dec 30 2011]

The perfect bait to lure Luke out of the nether. [Dec 30 2011]

Unfortunately, Nick broke his neck while building houses in The City. [Dec 31 2011]

The giant !olleh is hard to miss. [Jan 3 2012]

Well, I'm on top of the nether and stuck forever. Awesome. [Jan 5 2012]

I decided to give everyone some giant mushrooms. Nobody noticed. :( [Jan 5 2012]

Well, I guess that creeper noticed. [Jan 6 2012]

I like roads. [Jan 6 2012]

I still like roads. (All the way from Tallcrest to Sandy Gulch.) [Jan 6 2012]

Some weird customers inside Myst's prison over by the Main Base. [Jan 6 2012]

Stonedrasil as viewed from Yggdrasil. Also, a bit of the Mega-Farm over on the right. [Jan 6 2012]

The City from Temple Mountain. With mushrooms.[Jan 8 2012]

Again, looking the other way. Lighthouse in the distance! [Jan 8 2012]

Luke shows us how to dive into the pool. [Jan 12 2012]

A safety screenshot so I could find diamonds again even though I was about to die. I did eventually go back and get them. :) [Jan 12 2012]

Luke investigating the Mystery Box. [Jan 15 2012]

I wonder where Luke went, and where that waterfall came from! [Jan 15 2012]

:) The Boardwalk winds along the coast. Plus my seafront apartments. [Jan 19 2012]

Flying over The City in the rain! Lighthouse, Boardwalk, Castle... [Jan 21 2012]

... the Castle again, the Harbor, Luke's House... [Jan 21 2012]

Higher up so you can see the top of the Castle and over it into the center of town. [Jan 21 2012]

And again at a different angle. Nobody noticed that floating cube of iron bars for a while. [Jan 21 2012]

Helen tends the wolfpit on New Hawaii. [Jan 25 2012]

A jack-o-lantern welcomes you to Helen's house. [Jan 25 2012]

The giant hello is now aloha. And frozen in ice... [Jan 26 2012]

There are no suspicious underwater bases in this direction, that's for sure. [Jan 26 2012]

The first night at Antipodes Tower. [Jan 26 2012]

A not entirely safe cliff underneath the Castle, viewed from the front door of my house at the Harbor. [Jan 26 2012]

The next day, Antipodes Tower is complete! [Jan 27 2012]

Weird flying shots, whoo. [Jan 27 2012]

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