Underwater sunrise and the basement farm at Antipodes. [Jan 27 2012]

Luke's suggestion for improving Antipodes Tower. [Jan 27 2012]

The best way to take care of pesky zombies. [Jan 28 2012]

Totally not overkill! [Jan 28 2012]

Rain falling on Luke's fact while he's sleeping. Also, levers. [Jan 28 2012]

Fart indeed, anonymous builder. Fart indeed. [Jan 29 2012]

Looks like Nick's up to his old tricks again. [Jan 29 2012]

Random little island base at New Oahu. [Jan 29 2012]

Myst and Dan playing nice on a rainy day. [Jan 29 2012]

Yes, Luke. Dongs. And some sort of redstone monstrosity. [Jan 29 2012]

Where the lava goes. [Jan 29 2012]

Luke comes from the Moon. Also, where the lava actually goes. [Jan 30 2012]

The interior of one of The City's random shops. CHAIRCHAIRCHAIR [Jan 31 2012]

Completing the end portal! [Feb 2 2012]

Zombsplosion! [Feb 4 2012]

A safe place to sleep. [Feb 4 2012]

Looking through New Niihau down on the cows. [Feb 5 2012]

Luke's automatic melon farm! [Feb 5 2012]

Don't worry, you can trust Luke. Follow him into that dark, exploding canal. [Feb 7 2012]

The more-or-less completed harborfront at The City. :) [Feb 8 2012]

Renovating near the old docks. [Feb 9 2012]

Luke spent like half an hour trying to lure that skeleton up those stairs. Also, face. [Feb 9 2012]

Luke's present for my birthday! :D [Feb 10 2012]

Close-up. Also, some weird ice thing behind it.[Feb 10 2012]

And what's that over there? [Feb 10 2012]

Awesome. Dan and Myst's birthday present, a giant cake! <3 [Feb 10 2012]

Cakes in cakes in cakes! [Feb 10 2012]

Myst and I put pumpkins on our heads and swing at the pinata. [Feb 10 2012]

Party time! [Feb 10 2012]

Me wearing my birthday hat. :) [Feb 10 2012]

Collateral damage from blowing up the Mystery Box. [Feb 10 2012]

Being friends with Endermen at New Hickory. [Feb 10 2012]

Fappy Dirthday Ram? Luke cleans up after my birthday party. [Feb 11 2012]

Luke's totally completely true note that he left in a little house floating in the air above Helen's house. [Feb 11 2012]

Nice little farms along the top of New Niihau. [Feb 17 2012]

My roommates at New Niihau making a mess. :( [Feb 17 2012]

Myst and Dan's awesome ice hotel! [Feb 18 2012]

An unwelcome guest. :( [Feb 18 2012]

Helen's rather amazing mob grinder. [Feb 19 2012]

The City has walls around it! [Feb 23 2012]

The other direction. [Feb 23 2012]

Minecraft 1.2 looming in the near future, spelling the coming doom of the world. [Feb 23 2012]

An important lake that I built. Also, the school. And the melon farm in the distance. [Feb 24 2012]

The City Wall, expanded wheat farm, and important lake. [Feb 24 2012]

Nick and I decided to kill the Ender Dragon. With snowballs. [Feb 28 2012]

The best thing to find when you break a block. [Feb 29 2012]

Fort Fisher, my home away from my home away from home! [Feb 29 2012]

Viewing platform above The City, after the height cap was raised. [Mar 1 2012]

KITTIES! [Mar 1 2012]

Last screenshot before we moved on to the next world. A weird obsidian and lava tower got built the last day. [Mar 1 2012]

Visiting the old world again, I find a totally natural-looking biome edge.[Oct 3 2012]

The cozy cottage at Wreckhaven. [Oct 7 2012]

The Creeper has Dan right where he wants him. [Oct 12 2012]

The creeper replaced Dan and flies over his Water Temple. [Oct 23 2012]

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