Another new world! Here is a house that everyone will want to stay at forever! [Oct 26 2012]

Welcome to Different Nick's creeper sex pit. Feel free to join in! [Oct 27 2012]

This is not what you usually find under a tree. Found during the Great Cow Expedition. [Oct 28 2012]

Pig rides: 1 diamond. [Oct 28 2012]

To highlight that mobs could now wear armor, random mobs got pumpkins on their heads for Halloween. [Oct 31 2012]

Even Zombie Pigmen! [Oct 31 2012]

WIIIIIILSOOOOOON! On our way to discover Newplace. [Nov 3 2012]

The first night at Newplace. :) [Nov 3 2012]

My first and so far only natural witch sighting, from before we got the Nethterrail set up and I had to commute overland to the Patcave. [Nov 4 2012]

A view of Newplace from on top of the cliffs. [Nov 5 2012]

Nobody told these emeralds that they were supposed to be rare. [Nov 5 2012]

I dunno what it is, but it's starting to look kind of cool! [Nov 10 2012]

Minecraft forgetting it's supposed to have bad graphics. [Nov 14 2012]

Starting work on the Tower of Doom at the Patcave complex. [Nov 17 2012]

Santino, in his cliff-base... Santino-ing it up. [Nov 19 2012]

In its awkward youth, Santino's Nest had an emo haircut. [Nov 19 2012]

Santino's cliff base and emo haircut nest from a distance. Also, Santino falling. [Nov 19 2012]

The Tower of Doom starting to get doom-y. [Nov 19 2012]

Um... the tunnel holding the Netherrail is not very hidden. [Nov 20 2012]

Tower of Doom is topped off at the height cap! [Nov 23 2012]

Haven is looking a bit Stonedrasil-y. [Nov 25 2012]

Merry Chestmas! [Dec 25 2012]

The terrifying new Nether Sheep. [Jan 8 2013]

As always, I have to have an isolated survival island type base. In this world, it's Lavavale Island. [Jan 26 2013]

Bringing in some visitors for Luke's adventure map thing. [Jan 27 2013]

Luke was busy building something, so I took it upon myself to do his job and 'help'. [Jan 28 2013]

This... escalated quickly. [Jan 28 2013]

SPLAT [Jan 28 2013]

Of course, Luke couldn't help joining in. [Jan 28 2013]

We did it! Fish for everyone! [Jan 28 2013]

I don't think things are going to end well for this skeleton. [Jan 28 2013]

World's safest elevator. [Jan 28 2013]

My pet bat keeps me company as I work on the Underground City. [Feb 6 2013]

Early work on the cavern. [Feb 6 2013]

Luke being nice and welcoming new people in the only way he knows how. By setting them on fire. Hello, Nicole! [Feb 6 2013]

It's getting there... [Feb 6 2013]

Excavation complete! [Feb 7 2013]

And all cleaned up. Awww yeah. :) [Feb 8 2013]

Luke decided to renovate Different Nick's house after he got evicted. [Feb 11 2013]

Joe starts setting up his own base. [Feb 13 2013]

A perfectly spider-sized window. [Feb 14 2013]

Fireworks! Happy... Valentines Day? [Feb 14 2013]

Joe got his wish, now Luke's a hot girl. [Feb 14 2013]

Batman walking down the road from Nicole's Rape Cabin. It's funny how you never see Batman and Nicole in the same place. [Feb 16 2013]

Kaolin welcomes us to his humble home. Watch your step! [Feb 16 2013]

Nicole decides that what Luke needs for his new building are some roommates. (And... anuses?) [Feb 17 2013]

Joe, Lord of the Chickens. [Feb 17 2013]


While throwing away junk during a mining expedition, Nicole planted a sapling on a piece of dirt in a ravine. It grew! [Feb 17 2013]

A friendly greeting on Nicole's doorstep. [Feb 17 2013]

Keeping the Storage Facility's guardcat happy. [Feb 19 2013]

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