Mining coal twice is probably the most efficient way. [Feb 19 2013]

The best skeleton. [Feb 21 2013]

Luke is so good at making new friends! :) [Feb 21 2013]

Uh oh. Maybe the Ender Dragon won't find us? (Spoiler: It did.) [Feb 22 2013]

Welcome to Yggdraville! [Feb 24 2013]

First legit mushroom island find, courtesy of Kaolin! [Feb 24 2013]

Joe's summer house got kinda fat. [Feb 25 2013]

A touching moment between Gary and Stu Gaylord. Randy decided to join in a moment later. [Feb 25 2013]

A new friend! [Feb 26 2013]

Taking a stroll through Santino's enormous sewers. [Mar 1 2013]

Kaolin observes Cheathax Island, tries on the pink hotpants. [Mar 1 2013]

:) A nice new cabin on Ember Lake. [Mar 1 2013]

Construction of the Grand Canal at Yggdraville. [Mar 2 2013]

A mysterious explosion near the spawn. [Mar 2 2013]

Joe's favorite thing is moar cats! [Mar 8 2013]

Luke checking out Santino's tower before it turned into a T. [Mar 9 2013]

Luke's favorite thing is the Wither chasing him and only him! Mine too, coincidentally. :D [Mar 9 2013]

We must destroy the evidence. [Mar 9 2013]

It really is a beautiful island, it's a good thing nobody wants to build there. [Mar 9 2013]

Is that how pillaring usually works? [Mar 9 2013]

These bats didn't get the memo that Batman moved out of Nicole's Rape Cabin. [Mar 9 2013]

Trying to figure out the new daylight sensor! [Mar 13 2013]

Joe and Luke try out the new donation drop box. [Mar 16 2013]

Luke's McMansion just needs some extra fire to spice it up. [Mar 16 2013]

Speaking of mansions, what's that on the horizon? (Hint: Pat's mansion, Mount Patticus, under construction.) [Mar 16 2013]

Some loading weirdness reveals a cross-section of Santino's sewers. [Mar 17 2013]

Joe and Luke have a personal moment. [Mar 17 2013]

That is a LOT of tunnels. [Mar 17 2013]

An intriguing piece of land that Joe decided looked like a turtle. Despite not being an island, it ended up being named Turtle Island. [Mar 17 2013]

Excussssse me, have you heard about Jesussssss? I have sssssome pamphletssssss.[Mar 21 2013]

It took a few hours, but I fixed Beautiful Island! ... and now Joe doesn't want to build there anymore. [Mar 21 2013]

Weird valley through the desert. [Mar 25 2013]

Risk versus reward. [Mar 25 2013]

Oh yeah, I feel totally fine. They didn't touch me. [Mar 26 2013]

Well, it took a month of gathering quartz, but now my bedroom has fancy walls. Yay? [Mar 26 2013]

Santino's wall is looking especially wall-ish today. [Apr 5 2013]

If you're bad, Ed will send you to the Zig. (LOLOLOL COH JOKE) [Apr 12 2013]

Mount Patticus has a very extra safe basement now! [Apr 13 2013]

Building the farms for the Underground City. Bat farms, apparently. [Apr 13 2013]

:( Someone didn't get the memo that my mansion is very extra safe. [Apr 15 2013]

Everyone needs a place to keep their mans. [Apr 22 2013]

A housewarming gift for Joe after he rebuilt his first home. [Apr 22 2013]

Don't believe his lies. [Apr 30 2013]

A fancier version of the Newplace Hub, now with second floor! [May 4 2013]

Inside on the ground floor. [May 4 2013]

And upstairs! [May 4 2013]

Joe being responsible with explosives. [May 5 2013]

Honor guard in front of the Ziggurat of Ed. Plus Titan Tower in the background. [May 5 2013]

Hey, we found where Batman went off to. He looks kind of different, though. [May 7 2013]

Nope, Joe and Pat are definitely not here inside Joe's Spring Home. [May 7 2013]

Joe supervises a mining accident. [May 8 2013]

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