Welcome to the new world! Ed built an underwater dong! [Oct 26 2013]

I made a small shelter in a cliffside. Luke decided to build his house in the cliff above mine. So of course, I had to build a better house above Luke's. [Oct 26 2013]

Remnants of the village we spawned next to. We kept the farms. Also, Joe's working on a second floor in the distance. [Oct 27 2013]

Found a mesa! It seems safe. [Nov 1 2013]

Finished my house! [Nov 1 2013]

Wider view of my house (and Luke's) from the top of an excessively large tree. [Nov 1 2013]

The remains of the village and Joe's house. [Nov 1 2013]

And the excessively large tree itself. Nick named it 'Dildodrasil'. It was chopped down a day or two later. [Nov 1 2013]

Oh good, I can see forever. People are already getting serious about mining. [Nov 1 2013]

Oh. Seeing through the ground in the Nether results in being able to see all the surprise lava hidden in the ground. Great. [Nov 2 2013]

Joe puts on his fishing helmet and goes fishing next to his weird gazebo thing. Nick's house is morphing from a building into a tree in the distance. [Nov 4 2013]

It has flowers. [Nov 5 2013]

That is a LARGE mountain. [Nov 5 2013]

Extra tall birches in a Birch Forest M biome. [Nov 7 2013]

Finally found a jungle! All six kinds of trees collected. :) [Nov 7 2013]

Checking out Luke's Gross Hole with shaders on. [Nov 10 2013]

Joe's farmhouse looking pretty normal. [Nov 10 2013]

It's a horse! Oh, and an XP farm too, but that's not important. [Nov 10 2013]

Fishing threesome. [Nov 10 2013]

Joe's always had a lot of animals. It's also true on Minecraft. [Nov 12 2013]

Nick's new Yggdrawhatever gets stairs! [Nov 12 2013]

It's a whole lotta tree. [Nov 12 2013]

Inside Ed's new underwater base! [Nov 12 2013]

... that just happens to be shaped like a dong! [Nov 12 2013]

Everyone found Nicole's house. [Nov 12 2013]

Most people didn't find Santino's house! [Nov 12 2013]

He lives in a secret cave. [Nov 12 2013]

Guarded by his golem buddy, Ben. [Nov 12 2013]

Santino takes a vacation and builds a summer home on what quickly becomes Cabin Lake. [Nov 18 2013]

I built one too, but it's crappy. [Nov 18 2013]

Whoa. Ed's either serious about mob farming or building a spaceship. [Nov 23 2013]

Getting a tree farm started. [Nov 24 2013]

An Enderman in the Nether! [Dec 6 2013]

Starting work on my skyscraper! [Dec 8 2013]

Joe gets jealous of my tower and adds one to his house. It kind of just looks like his house is happy to see me. [Dec 8 2013]

Further work on the skyscraper. [Dec 9 2013]

Building farms! Lots of farms. [Dec 11 2013]

Uh... Joe moved his tower off of his house. And made sure nobody would mistake it for something it's not supposed to be. [Dec 21 2013]

On the search for the Christmas Village, I find a mountain with many waterfalls. [Dec 22 2013]

A view right through Mount Patticus. You can even see my 'secret' redstone room that I told everyone about. [Dec 24 2013]

Nicole and I find the one spot where it's not snowing at the Christmas Village. [Dec 24 2013]

I celebrate by spawning a festive giant. [Dec 24 2013]

Unlocked the End! But I forgot my pickaxe, so I had to punch my way slowly to the surface. [Jan 4 2014]

Working on a sugarcane farm, with Dickture glowing in the background. [Jan 9 2014]

Cabin Lake expands! Nick's cabin in the center, Ed's just to the right, and my better one in progress on the left. Nicole's in just past that one, and soon after Joe came and built right about where I'm standing. [Jan 14 2014]

Bringing the party. [Jan 17 2014]

Joe and Ed share a personal moment in the newly expanded Dickture. [Jan 17 2014]

I left my computer for a few minutes while mining and came back to find a zombie had killed me and taken all my things. Fighting to get it back didn't go well when the zombie had my full diamond armor and enchanted diamond sword, but I succeeded in the end after much panic and swearing and a lot of amusement from Joe. [Jan 20 2014]

A map collage at the Mesa! It's pretty weird looking. [Jan 24 2014]

Uh, what's that? [Jan 25 2014]

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