Ed capped off his expansion with a glass tower. Here's the view from the top! [Jan 25 2014]

Joe's done a LOT of mining. His tunnels are the ones going left to right. Santino has done somewhat less. His are the ones going top to bottom. [Jan 25 2014]

Welcome to Cobblestone Mountain! [Jan 25 2014]

Taking a quick break while mapping the sea near my new base, Magma Bay. [Jan 27 2014]

Getting a bit lazy with the map collages at the Megataiga. [Jan 28 2014]

The map collage at the main town is getting fucking huge. [Jan 31 2014]

Nicole surveys the ocean at Magma Bay. That little sand island with the crafting table is where I took the screenshot earlier. [Jan 31 2014]

Joe takes a leap of faith from the top of the Savannah M mountain. [Feb 2 2014]

Flying above between my house and skyscraper. [Feb 17 2014]

Joe gives Shawn the customary greeting to the server. [Mar 2 2014]

We throw Shawn a bone, and then throw him off a cliff. [Mar 2 2014]

Shawn sets off to make his own little dirt-hut homestead. [Mar 2 2014]

Colin joined too! I went to his house to go fishing though, not to visit him. [Mar 6 2014]

Colin has some rather large plans for a town he wants to build. [Mar 6 2014]

The gate to Colin's future town. [Mar 7 2014]

Colin and I visit Shawn's place and survey the surrounding countryside. I built a road over to him. [Mar 7 2014]

From up on Mount Fejwol I look toward Colin's town as it begins to grow! [Mar 8 2014]

Joe built some sort of old-fashioned schoolhouse or something? [Mar 10 2014]

While exploring Colin's new additions, I notice a rather large change. [Mar 10 2014]

Colin's house is very large and made out of a lot of glass. [Mar 10 2014]

I got tired of crossing the valley and built another viaduct. [Mar 10 2014]

Shawn protects his land with a wall! Also a tower that looks like a mushroom or a screw. [Mar 10 2014]

Yep, everything's fine, being on fire is how I like to be. [Mar 11 2014]

A cool waterfall that I found while searching for new biomes. [Mar 15 2014]

I found ice spikes! Joe only found a better set of them five minutes earlier. [Mar 15 2014]

I present Shawn with a housewarming gift to celebrate his cobble generator. [Mar 16 2014]

World map is getting too huge! [Mar 16 2014]

"Just put the last skull on and see what happens." [Mar 16 2014]

Moved the world maps into the Map Tower! [Mar 19 2014]

That is seriously a lot of mines. [Mar 23 2014]

Shawn needs some practice on proper minecart use. [Mar 28 2014]

Totally not burning down Nick's weird thing. [Mar 28 2014]


They added baby zombies riding chickens. Best addition 2014. [Apr 7 2014]

Long road to Shawn's mine glowing in the night. :) [May 24 2014]

The world not loading right revealed that Santino's base is DIRECTLY UNDER Joe's tower. [May 25 2014]

Also here's every cave and mine ever in the world np [May 27 2014]

Joe's a nice guy thank you. He filled my unfinished castle on Mt. Fejwol with water. [May 27 2014]

Exactly what it says on the tin. [Jun 6 2014]

I was building a bridge in the Nether. I got shot by a ghast. I managed to drink a fire resistance potion on the way down. Then I just had to swim to shore, AGONIZINGLY SLOWLY. Fun times. [Jun 6 2014]

That is not how you pig. Stop it. [Jun 9 2014]

The start of digging the Big Hole. [Jun 9 2014]

You wouldn't believe how exciting that emerald was. [Jun 11 2014]

Music disc farm! [Jun 14 2014]

A distance view showing both my house and the skyblock I never played on. [Jun 14 2014]

The big hole is looking rather towerish... [Jun 15 2014]

Shawn terraformed the land within his walls. [Jun 15 2014]

I got jealous of Colin's awesome town and decided to start my own at Eastgate Island! [Jun 16 2014]

Colin sails off from the western tip of Eastgate towards a rocky shore. He builds a pirate base there which eventually grows into a second town! [Jun 16 2014]

Colin's scaffolding while building his largest airship yet. [Jun 22 2014]

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