Uh, the tower is getting so tall that the floor is almost outside render distance... [Jun 22 2014]

View from the top of the completed tower! [Jun 22 2014]

Inside you can leap from height cap to bedrock and have enough time falling to seriously regret your life choices. [Jun 22 2014]

A dungeon with a bonus chest courtesy of an abandoned mine. [Jun 25 2014]

Playing with named mobs. [Jun 26 2014]

Attack of the upside-down baby zombie! [Jun 26 2014]

The pirate bases at the future site of Craggy Cove. [Jun 26 2014]

A nice view of Eastgate Harbor. [Jun 29 2014]

A really distant view of Ternon Cragg, an airship, and Mount Fejwol Castle from Nick's weird tower thing. [Jun 30 2014]

Shawn's castle develops! Also you can see some of Cabin Lake in the distance. [Jun 30 2014]

Farms at Eastgate. [Jun 30 2014]

Shawn's got so much redstone he can afford to hire Colin to stand guard. [Jul 3 2014]

This was actually really creepy. There were so many chickens it crashed the server. All the chickens stared at me and then went SILENT. [Jul 3 2014]

Welcome to the server drunk Zach! [Jul 4 2014]

Burying someone alive is a friendly greeting, right? [Jul 4 2014]

Richard punches his first tree. [Jul 12 2014]

And, um, makes his first house. It's beautiful? [Jul 12 2014]

The view from Richard's place. Shawn's castle in the distance, my skyscraper is the opposite way. [Jul 13 2014]

Adding some interesting touches to the cemetary in Ternon Cragg. [Jul 13 2014]

Can't argue with a man wearing your face! [Jul 13 2014]

The making of a Colin Sandwich. [Jul 13 2014]

World's smallest house! [Jul 13 2014]

Joe adds a cool bridge to his creative mode area at Faraway Cabin. [Jul 13 2014]

A wide shot of Colin's sprawling city of Ternon Cragg. [Jul 14 2014]

Even when Joe's not around, he attracts Endermen. This guy popped up as I was trying out Joe's teleporter to Faraway Cabin. [Jul 14 2014]

Working on the Grand Canal Project. I connected rivers to the ocean from as much as a thousand blocks away. [Jul 26 2014]

For certain values of fun. [Jul 27 2014]

Trying to make the nether feel more like home. [Jul 27 2014]

Eating some nether-grown bread while staring through the fragile glass floor that's the only thing between me and a drop to my doom. [Jul 27 2014]

Traveling a narrow spot in the completed Grand Canal! [Jul 28 2014]

Colin decides to make a little vacation home. [Aug 2 2014]

The rediscovery of an awesome island. Joe and I will re-rediscover it again later. [Aug 3 2014]

Colin's throneroom in his new island castle base. [Aug 5 2014]

An overview of Colin's island castle. [Aug 5 2014]

What a totally natural creeper. [Aug 5 2014]

Making some renovations! Finishing my attic. [Aug 9 2014]

I FOUND A CAT! [Aug 9 2014]

I FOUND A DOG! [Aug 9 2014]

I FOUND A LUKE! Wtf is he doing here. Also, 1000-block railway. [Aug 10 2014]

Well this seems normal. [Aug 11 2014]

The barbarians also visit Colin. [Aug 11 2014]

Dayum. Ice spikes even cooler than Joe's. [Aug 14 2014]

YOU ARE NOT HELPING. [Aug 24 2014]

Complete house at Inaccessible Island. [Aug 24 2014]

Joe stands under the roofdong. [Aug 24 2014]

Oh look, a town is starting to spring up at Craggy Cove! [Aug 30 2014]

A wide shot where you can see all quarters of the town. [Aug 30 2014]

Simulating damage from pirate attacks! [Aug 31 2014]

Armor stands! Collect all the armor! [Sep 4 2014]

Whoa. Joe's been busy over at Faraway Cabin. Or I guess Faraway Castle, now. [Sep 12 2014]

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