Flying around in the new spectator mode, I discover a strange egg party. [Sep 12 2014]

Normal dungeon. [Sep 13 2014]

Ahahaha. A clear view of exactly how much I failed when making this portion of path through the nether. [Sep 13 2014]

That is a LOT of guardians. [Sep 23 2014]

Skeleton head watches you sleep. [Sep 25 2014]

Joe builds a gate and an interesting flag to welcome visitors to Your Mom Kingdom. [Sep 26 2014]

Progress in Craggy Cove. [Sep 27 2014]

View of the two western gates to town. [Sep 27 2014]

Nick's friends totally didn't accidentally ruin anything, Nicole. [Sep 27 2014]

Joe considers buying a home in Craggy Cove. [Sep 27 2014]

RABBIT ATTACK! [Sep 27 2014]

We spent a while trying to figure out what biomes Joe needed to visit for the achievement. Eventually I decided to teleport him to some likely suspects. Got it on the first one! [Sep 27 2014]

Cracking open the zombie egg party cave! [Sep 27 2014]


Master architect Joe builds a new NPC village. [Sep 27 2014]

Here it is, totally done. [Sep 27 2014]

After we actually build a couple houses, we find some zombie villagers to try to cure! [Sep 27 2014]

Success! Welcome to the village, sorry about the name. [Sep 27 2014]

A mysterious animal pen and flattened field several thousand blocks from anything. [Sep 28 2014]

Those are maximum zoom maps. You're looking at about 6000 x 6000 blocks. Just about everything on the server's within this map. [Sep 28 2014]

Attempting to map the shoreline of the Great Northern Ocean. Those maps are the same scale. Fucking huge. [Sep 28 2014]

:) The new village is working so far! [Sep 28 2014]

See? All these zombies just want to move in! [Sep 28 2014]

We've hit critical mass! They're reproducing! :D [Sep 28 2014]


I mention to Nick that his world has lasted longer than any other Minecraft world I've ever played. [Jan 31 2015]

So obviously, it must be destroyed. [Jan 31 2015]

I log on to take some parting screenshots with ridiculous, laggy render distance. [Jan 31 2015]

Illustrating how near many of the major landmarks were this whole time. [Jan 31 2015]

We really did put a lot of effort in to make this into an awesome world. :) [Jan 31 2015]

Here's a complete view of the Eastgate Islands. [Jan 31 2015]

And across towards Craggy Cove! [Jan 31 2015]

Craggy Cove is probably my proudest achievement from this world, even if we didn't ever finish the whole pirate invasion idea. [Jan 31 2015]

Eastgate was quite cool, but it had a lot of work left to go before it got anywhere nearly as good. [Jan 31 2015]

Finally, a overview of Inaccesible Island, which had a ton of potential, but we'd already lost interest. Goodbye, world! [Jan 31 2015]

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