Welcome to Nick's new Tekkit server! We spawn next to a desert village overrun with zombies and die horribly over and over. Hooray! (We name the town Aidswater.) [Jan 31 2015]

I retreat to a hole in the ground to gather materials. [Jan 31 2015]

While exploring, I stumble upon several interdimensional gates. [Jan 31 2015]

Mystcraft is creepy. [Jan 31 2015]

Nick demonstates one of Tekkit's nicest features... [Jan 31 2015]

Treecapitator! :D [Jan 31 2015]

I build a little something to surprise Nick with. [Jan 31 2015]

However, I don't actually know how power armor works. The musket is effective, though! [Jan 31 2015]

I craft a straw and drink a cubic meter of liquid sewage. It seemed like a good idea at the time... Also, VOLCANO. [Jan 31 2015]

Nick cobbles together a bunch of mining wells to help speed up our material gathering! [Feb 1 2015]

They work pretty well! [Feb 1 2015]

After a ton of fiddling, I finally get a power system working that actually stores energy! [Feb 1 2015]

We also finally have enough diamonds to build... a quarry! Powered by redstone engines to start, but already a massive improvement. :) [Feb 2 2015]

Massive power upgrade under the machine hut! [Feb 6 2015]

And an even more massive upgrade... building the server's first nuclear reactor, and hooking it up to the quarry! We'll never be out of stuff again! (Except silver for reasons that show up soon.) [Feb 6 2015]

Building a new, max-size quarry out in the bay. [Feb 8 2015]

Nick builds a new storage building with gold chests! [Feb 8 2015]

Also, Nick has become a massive power armor addict and is chewing through all our silver to build improvements. But it's pretty awesome, so I can't blame him. [Feb 14 2015]

Time to check out Galacticraft! I've finished a rocket! [Feb 14 2015]

brb moon [Feb 14 2015]

A good view of how much Aidwater has expanded. [Feb 14 2015]


Apparently we live in Jamaica. [Feb 14 2015]

A safe landing on the Moon! You can't really tell though because it's fucking night when I get there. [Feb 14 2015]

It's a short and terrifying visit due to all the mooncreepers, but the mission is still a success! I'm walking on the Moon! [Feb 14 2015]

Okay cool now let's get the fuck out of here [Feb 14 2015]

Safely back home! [Feb 14 2015]

I convince Nick to take a completely safe ride with only a large chance of exploding death. [Feb 14 2015]

ENJOY ALL THE MOON CREEPERS! Actually, it ended up being daytime on the Moon for Nick. Jerk. [Feb 14 2015]

Nick solves the problem of not being able to gather wood underground with the quarry. Automated tree farm! [Feb 15 2015]

Nick has strange ideas about home improvement. [Feb 15 2015]

A look at the expanded Aidwater canals. How am I in the air? JETPACK! [Feb 15 2015]

What? Where the hell did you get Mooshrooms? [Feb 15 2015]

Oh. Nick created an alternate dimension made of end stone with floating balls of stone and wood, full of mooshrooms, and with lakes of rare and expensive materials. [Feb 15 2015]

But most importantly? LAKES OF MUSHROOM SOUP. [Feb 15 2015]

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