Welcome to the Realm of Shawn! Starting off my temporary home. [Aug 15 2014]

Reviving an old joke from one of Luke's short-lived final worlds. Also Shawn got diamonds. [Aug 15 2014]

Very stealthily spying on Colin. [Aug 16 2014]

Colin's first little house. [Aug 16 2014]

Exploring the nether! I rushed for it as fast as I could. [Aug 16 2014]

The tree farm was BAD and WRONG. It needed to be PUNISHED. [Aug 16 2014]

What a beautiful looking portal. [Aug 16 2014]

I show Joe my great idea for a new house. [Aug 16 2014]

Looking across the fields at the spawn towards Joe's mountains. You can just see his house at the base. [Aug 17 2014]

Uh... was this supposed to be a good idea? [Aug 17 2014]

My little startup shack is starting to feel a bit cramped... [Aug 17 2014]

Welp, everything seems in order on this map. [Aug 18 2014]

Colin sails away to build on some islands. [Aug 21 2014]

Just what my place needed, a spurting bedrock dong. [Aug 23 2014]


The epic adventure of Richard begins! [Aug 23 2014]

... and then he visits the horrible thing that happened to me and, due to all the monsters spawned underneath in the dark, the adventure of Richard ends. [Aug 23 2014]

THE FINAL PIECE! [Aug 23 2014]

Well. I did it. Let's never speak of this again. [Aug 23 2014]

What giant square on the map? I don't see what you mean. [Aug 23 2014]

Richard starts his own little place and there's nothing in the background. [Aug 28 2014]

I never took any shots of Joe's place! It's really cool looking. [Aug 28 2014]

Jen joins the server with a tasteful cobbleston shack. [Aug 28 2014]

Also, here's the starting house that Shawn built before he flew away to be a cheater. [Aug 28 2014]

And here's where he flew to. A harbor! [Aug 28 2014]

A huge field with gardens! [Aug 28 2014]

A cool nether tower and a storehouse. [Aug 28 2014]

Wide view of most of the buildings at Shawn's place. [Aug 28 2014]

The whole complex from above at night! [Aug 28 2014]

Also, here's Colin's little island. [Aug 28 2014]

And his lighthouse! [Aug 28 2014]

I present Joe with his new, highly useful sorting system. Finally, a place for my fishsteak and Shroomchops! [Aug 30 2014]

I pick a place to build myself an actual base. [Aug 30 2014]

The most real. [Aug 30 2014]

It's nearly habitable! [Aug 31 2014]

A view of the surrounding valleys and bridges across them. [Aug 31 2014]

A rather larger bridge towards the spawn area. [Sep 1 2014]

Making progress! It's getting close to done! And then the server screwed up and deleted everything so we had to roll it back! D: [Sep 2 2014]

Moving in. Very organized. [Sep 2 2014]

Colin plays with the possibilities available in the new banners. Also note how I've lost a couple floors to the rollback. [Sep 3 2014]

Bringing over cows to start my farm. [Sep 3 2014]

Oh goody. I found rabbits across the ocean. I had to lure them back the WHOLE WAY. [Sep 3 2014]

Setting up an indoor farm on the lower level. [Sep 19 2014]

Whoa! Shawn's been busy working on his own version of an NPC village. [Sep 19 2014]

It's quite awesome! [Sep 19 2014]

Shawn becomes so lost that he becomes a floating ghost head. [Sep 19 2014]

We decide to make personal banners. From left to right: Shawn's, Colin's, and mine. [Sep 20 2014]

Well, it's topped off! Pretty plain looking, though... [Oct 9 2014]

Joe wanted some rabbits, so I brought some over. The pig and zombie were NOT INVITED. [Oct 10 2014]

Holy shit. Colin's been busy in creative mode. [Oct 31 2014]

Massive castle walls. [Oct 31 2014]

Overview map. [Oct 31 2014]

Throneroom! [Oct 31 2014]

A huge workroom. [Oct 31 2014]

I don't feel inadequate at all. [Oct 31 2014]

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