Scoping out some noobs to pwn. [Aug 12 2012]

The secret base that Luke and I started out with while we built up money to start our own town. I asked Luke for some iron. [Aug 12 2012]

Luke continuing to be helpful. [Aug 12 2012]

Caught by surprise at the zombie grinder. [Aug 12 2012]

Hey baby, gimme some sugar. ;)~ [Aug 12 2012]


They are. Take note. [Aug 12 2012]

Nobody's buying it, Luke. [Aug 12 2012]

Nobody could possibly guess there's a hallway back there! [Aug 12 2012]

This is where grass usually belongs. [Aug 13 2012]

Luke's idea of making a good impression. [Aug 15 2012]

Welcome to OreoCity! Luke and I joined the town and set up a POHS. Also, Luke's tower with built in auto-farm is on the left. [Aug 17 2012]

Gathering up animals on my farm plot in OreoCity. Plus, in the background is the under-construction house commissioned by SaltedPotatoes. [Aug 17 2012]

The finished house for SaltedPotatoes in OreoCity. :) [Aug 17 2012]

Closer view. [Aug 17 2012]

Safety is important in the Nether. [Aug 17 2012]

Oh, there's all the lava. [Aug 17 2012]

The classy alternative to griefing. [Aug 17 2012]

Luke and I set out on our own and start Hickory City. One of our first residents was a massive cheater and x-rayed all the nearby diamonds.
However, he wasn't smart enough to avoid falling in a massive hole and dying right next to us. [Aug 20 2012]

Good job Luke, now water is forever. [Aug 20 2012]

Goodbye to the secret base! [Aug 25 2012]

And hello to Hickory City, up and running and ready for business. :)[Aug 26 2012]

Making friends in the End. [Aug 28 2012]

Luke's a popular guy! [Aug 28 2012]

Viewpoints swapped. [Aug 28 2012]

Keepin' it tidy at the skeleton farm. [Aug 30 2012]

Hickory City: the early days. [Sep 3 2012]

In case you forgot what town you lived in! [Sep 3 2012]

As the town expands, we set up a public nether portal. [Sep 3 2012]

Everyone wants to spy on Haywire's castle. [Sep 10 2012]

A customer makes good use of merchandise from the shop. [Sep 10 2012]

Hmmm. I don't remember there being lava over there. [Sep 10 2012]

Thanks, Amannetter. This looks beautiful. I totally shouldn't have kicked you from town, you are very trustworthy. [Sep 10 2012]

Twins? [Sep 10 2012]

Recording the town stats before the economy reset. Also, the melon farm under the shop. [Sep 15 2012]

First sighting of the mysterious city of Aquos. [Sep 19 2012]

Nothing to see here, just a giant being smited by god. [Sep 22 2012]

Just about the best shot I have of Hickory City at its peak, while watching mini_H's mod hijinks. [Sep 23 2012]

Mini_H would never abuse his power for entertainment, that's for sure! [Sep 25 2012]

Growing trees the normal way. [Sep 25 2012]

Oreo eventually decided to move into Hickory City. He had some issues with his pool. [Sep 26 2012]

A shot of the west viaduct in Hickory City. [Sep 27 2012]

This looks unsuspicious. [Sep 27 2012]

The most beautiful building that Hickory City ever saw. [Sep 27 2012]

That's a lot of Endermen. [Sep 27 2012]

Luke broke his arm. Also, the city at its peak in the minimap. [Sep 27 2012]

Totalcraft has caught the Yggdrasil virus! Nick was very grateful that I got him to join the day before the server unexpectedly shut down forever. [Sep 29 2012]

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